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Visitors and Guests

If you are visiting, please connect with someone at our welcome centre or one of our volunteers serving in the coffee centre. Whether it is your first time at church, or you are a reoccuring visitor, you are welcome to join us. You are welcome to sit anywhere you'd like when you enter the main auditorium. Sunday school is available for children up to age ten, they are dismissed just before the message part of the service. A nursery is also available for babies and toddlers. Our service includes a time of music, announcements, greetings and a message from God's Word, the Bible. We would be honoured to get to know you so please do not hesitate to speak with any of our pastors, volunteers, or church family.


Coffee Centre

People come to church to connect with God and give Him praise, but church is happens together. The Coffee Centre is made available for this purpose. Sunday morning we serve Coffee before and after the service and on special occasions, we often have a number of other treats and goodies to enjoy together. Throughout the week many different events and activities happen here in this space. Lifegroups, meetings and other social gatherings are just some examples of what you can expect here in our Coffee Centre.


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