Youth takes place every Tuesday night at 7:45pm for High School Students down in the West Hall. This is a night where you can build strong friendships, learn truth from God’s word, ask those questions that have always been on your mid, and have a great time while doing all this. Youth is a safe place for those who want to explore all that God has for them and for those who are simply looking for answers. All high school students are welcome to come. 

Jr. High

For grades 6-8, the doors open on Wednesday at 6:15pm with air hockey, foosball, ping pong and a pool table all waiting to be conquered. The night officially starts at 6:30pm and ends at 7:45pm. We have time to tell stories, play games, participate in High energy sports in the gym, and study the Bible and hot topics together in discussion groups. Plus, there is always candy!

Permission Forms

Special events that happen away from our church property, we need parent or guradian permission. These forms will typically be handed out a few weeks prior to the events but will also be available through the link below.


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